At a Glance

Border Guard Public School & College is situated in a solution environment the Head Quarters of BGB at Akhalia in the Holy land Sylhet. This Institution started its journey with a view to developing the educational development of this region lender the little of Reflex Public School in 1993 with the patronage and management of the then BDR, Sylhet. With the circumlocution of time, it has been named as Border Guard Public School. In 2012 it has been upgraded as college on approval of Ministry of Education and Sylhet Education Board. Enlarged campus well decorated class rooms. shipshape environment, efficient and experienced teachers are always devoted to ensure quality education.

We teach student using advanced learning materials and ensure a congenial learning materials and ensure a congenial environment for connective Practice, regular test, systematic and most importantly science based activities in the classrooms targeting Academic calendar published for each year under the guidance of Minstry of Education, Sylhet Education Board X BGB Sylhet Sector to meet the challenges of 21st century, to bring out proper tatent X tocreat good citizens confidentially and morally and morally. Politics & main features of this institution. Besides these, there are a magnificent mosque, Shahid Minar, The symbol of national spiritm library, sophisticated computer lab, Science Laboratories, canteen and a big play ground. As a result this institution has been establishing its superiority both in curricular and co-curricular activities. Special Programs and different competitive programs are arranged on Annual sports, Annual Milad Mahfil, cultural and competition bad program, celebration of Bangla new year and national Days. Besides, reception for talented student and respectful felicitation to teachers in school in special fields are offered every year.

This institution has been able to acquire appraisal in the field of inter school & college debate, cultural competition, essay competition and education co-curricular activities.
With the combining effects of students, teachers, guidance and most importantly for the skilled management of the Governing Body, the passing rate of the institution in the last Public examinations is 100% and as a result the institution has already placed itself in the Top-20 of Sylhet Education Board.

We are determined to shape it as the best educational institution of Sylhet as well as Bangladesh Maintaining consistency in the acquired result and reputation. Our only expectation is to get the cordial co-operation of all to administer the institution and improve the standard of education.

May Allah help us all. Thanks to all.